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Ferris wheel
for unique shows

“AltraVista Wheel” Ferris wheel

Ferris wheel Vintage Design

The “AltraVista Wheel” Ferris wheel, a restatement of the classical Ferris wheel, has been specifically designed and built to be installed at Special Events or even for shorter periods.

The planning has taken into account both assembling and disassembling procedures as well as transport procedures of the components in order to avoid downtimes or unforeseen problems.

Everything is already foreseen in the project. Every component – included each bolt – of the wheel is constantly monitored and individually evaluated because it is disassembled at every opportunity. That makes it probably the best itinerant project realized over the years by considering the structural dimension, which is managed by technicians and logistic operators.

The ‘70s vintage design, characterized by a white colour with blue reflections, complies perfectly with the sky and the surrounding urban environment.
In order to not have a strong impact on the monuments and the beauties of the place, the installation of the wheel in historical cities respects the environment by using subdued colors.

The attraction is built for the accommodation of 36 gondolas, some of which are already properly set up for the different needs of the passengers:

  • Gondola for people with disabilities: to host passengers in wheelchairs with seat for the companion;
  • V.I.P gondola: with darkened screens, leather seats and a shelf for ice bucket complete with a celebratory bottle.

The Project

The Ferris wheel is built for unforgettable shows.
The technical and logistic aim is to reduce assembling and disassembling times and as far as possible the grounding.

Vintage Design

The ‘70s vintage design, characterized by a white colour with blue reflections, stands out among the sky and complies perfectly with the surrounding urban environment.

Altravista Wheel

AltraVista Wheel is the modern restatement of the classical Ferris wheel with details that makes it unique: itinerant with classical and special gondolas and a multitude of spectacular Led.

“AltraVista Wheel” Ferris Wheel


“AltraVista Wheel” Ferris Wheel