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AltraVista Wheel has a complete staff, made up of professional technician responsible for the assembling and the correct functioning of the ride.
We offer trustworthiness, quality and safety both in management and maintenance of the structure.

We remain in city even for shorter periods on occasion of important shows such as concerts or sporting events. Otherwise the minimum stay period required is at least 3 months.

AltraVista Wheel is a project supported by Technical Park. This company has a multiannual and solid experience in the manufacturing’s field of rides for amusement parks.
This is a guarantee of complete safety and reliability of the Ferris wheel’s installation.

Thanks to the fact that the Ferris wheel is assembled and disassembled at every occasion, meaning every component is monitored and individually evaluated, the AltraVIsta Wheel’s staff always works to grant the highest level of safety both for the staff itself and the citizens.

The AltraVIsta Wheel Ferris wheel complies with ultimate edition EN 13814 law and ENI and ISO laws.
One of the biggest touristic itinerant Ferris wheel of Europe will be active in just 10 days in your city.

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“AltraVista Wheel” Ferris Wheel


“AltraVista Wheel” Ferris Wheel