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Do you want to rent the Ferris wheel?

The 50mt high tourist itinerant Ferris wheel is the perfect union of design and engineering, which becomes the main attraction of the host city.

This certainly also attracts tourists who have already visited the city but want to have a different perspective and, why not, to bring home a nice movie or a panoramic photo from above.

“AltraVista Wheel” can be rented for shorter periods on occasion of important shows such as concerts or sporting events. Otherwise it can be rented for a period of time at least 3 months.

If you want to have the Ferris wheel in your city, fill the form below to receive more information.

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Do you want to buy the Ferris wheel?

The “AltraVista wheel” Ferris wheel has been realised by Technical Park. This company has a multiannual and solid experience in the field of projection, testing and installation of these kind of attractions.
This is a guarantee of complete reliability of the project in every aspects. Technical Park builds and markets this type of attractions on behalf of third parties, so a quote or a counselling can be request to create a personal project.

If you are interested in buying or receiving more information, you can directly get in touch with this historical manufacturing firm by filling the form “Ask for more information”.

Do you want to become our partner in the AltraVista Wheel project?

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