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AltraVista Wheel has always cared about the environment. And it is with this in mind that we have recently introduced an environmentally sustainable innovation to our offerings: green electric bicycles.

This novelty, in addition to the renewable system of the Panoramic Wheel, represent an added value for all visitors to the Wheel. In fact, anyone who wishes, can rent the brand new e-bikes, directly at the attraction.

AltraVista’s e-bikes are safe, comfortable and, most importantly, environmentally friendly.

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No waste, tots of fun

AltraVista Wheel’s electric bicycles are eco-friendly, because they recharge thanks to the energy recovered from the innovative Panoramic Wheel’s Green system!

The Ferris Wheel features high energy efficiency, as it recovers and converts the kinetic energy that is generated on the way down, turning it into the electrical energy that powers the Wheel itself and, as of today, the new e-bikes as well.

The green philosophy that AltraVista Wheel has adopted consists of an energy that is:

  • renewable, because it transforms the kinetic energy dispersed during the braking phase into electrical energy;
  • environmentally sustainable, because it allows a more rational consumption and saving of energy sources for the distributor;
  • eco-sensitive, because it respects the environment without releasing C02 or even breaking it down in the energy balance.
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